How do I summarize that which makes up my whole being in a few short paragraphs? I have never felt a particularly strong need for labels, since I am, and can only be, myself. Still, introductions are awfully tricky to write without them, and there are a few of which that I do not mind attaching myself to.

I am an artist and creator. There is something that dwells deep in me that calls out to be allowed to learn new skills and make things with them. If I do not indulge this part of me I become a very cranky person indeed. I love to make jewelry, but also process and carve bone, I am occasionally drawn to paint, among many other small and large projects.

I am a mother of two beautiful beings of light. Parenthood is the most important, challenging and rewarding job in my life. My eldest came into this world in June 2008, and my second followed in November 2009. They have their unique and incredibly distinct personalities, which are definitely quite full of nurtured geekiness.

I am a child of the Universe and live my life in dedication to my goddesses. It is my deepest spiritual belief that we are so very blessed to live on this tiny precious blue dot lost among the vast cosmos, and it is my obligation to live my life in a socially and environmentally conscious way. The Earth is currently the human race’s only home and it is our duty to take care for Her to the full extent of our abilities.

Beyond all that labeling though. I just try to passionately be myself. I love the sunrise and set, the passing of the moon and stars, the warmth of a loved one’s embrace, the flowing of the rivers and tides, the ever-changing aspects of nature, the facets of my inner dragon, and the simple joys that life has to offer. Thus far my life has been quite the journey, and I know there is much more discovery to come. I am blessed to have my amazing family along my wanderlusting way.



Hello world, we meet again. Yes, my name is really Caswallon. Yes, it is my first, not my last name. Yes it is unusual! So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s see. I went to university to become a psychologist, but what that ultimately led to me to, what everything brings me back to, is the desire to be a writer. Psychology taught me a heck of a lot about people’s motivations in life, including my own. I have so many stories in progress, a novel a good way finished, another research project on going, it all feeds the creative bug in me.

I suppose I also consider myself a gamer, although the older I get alongside my growing children, the more I play less, while they play more, or at least, the more we play together. The older I get the less this bothers me too. I still have some evenings and occasional days off when I binge play an old favourite though.

I am a firm believer in reincarnation. All the intricacies of life and death are quite fascinating to me. That said, even though I feel that death is not the end for us, I do feel humanity should not treat our home, our Earth, with apathy, or have the attitude that the whole thing is a disposable commodity. I long for the day when we reach for the stars and begin to forge new lives on new worlds, but I’d rather not take our bad habits with us.

What else? I am the father/husband portion of a nuclear family, which includes a dog, and couldn’t be happier about that. I prefer to read books that have physical pages. I would choose rain and snow over sunshine and heat waves. My favourite childhood board game is Risk. My colours of choice are black and green. And I appreciate adventure and travel over almost any other new experience.


Myrddin and Ivy

Our eldest, Myrddin, loves birds, foraging, games, cooking, reading, and most of all photography. Some day they hope to become a photojournalist for National Geographic or a forest ranger, but will be happy as long as they can just get out into nature as often as possible. Myrddin is definitely our calmer more introverted child, more at home in a book or looking through a camera lens than anything else. They take of the lot of the photographs you will see throughout our blog, as well as in our etsy shop.

Our youngest, Ivy, loves bats, cats, puppies, games, working out, and mangas (especially Dragon Ball.) She has so many goals and dreams that it can be a little hard to keep up with this wild child of ours, who is happier running, jumping, climbing, and otherwise burning off her abundant energy, rather than being tied down by any one task. Her one quiet hobby of choice is weaving, which she does on her ridged heddle loom. A lot of the pouches for runes you will see pop up on occasion are done, at least in part, by her.

And to not neglect the final members of our family, there is also Obsidian and Coroner! One is a beautiful long haired black cat and the other is her spunky grey tabby kitten. We once had a dog as well, Flemeth, whom we loved dearly but passed away early in the summer of 2017, may her spirit rest in peace. I suspect we will get another pup to keep us company on our walks and foragings at some point, but our hearts are still working their way though Flemeth’s loss. She is missed dearly.

“There is no exquisite beauty — without some strangeness in the proportion.” – from Ligeia, by Edgar Allan Poe

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