We have been living in an RV fulltime for 6 months as of today. Whaaaat? Crazy how fast time flies. The most frequently asked question I receive is “Are there things you would change?”

This was a question I was initially reluctant to answer. I still am to a certain extent, but after six months I can point out a few items of difference. None of them are deal breakers, they simply are things that if some magical reset button existed, I might address.

  • I might have gone a little bigger. A fifth wheel instead of tow behind. You wouldn’t think that that extra 4 or so feet would make a difference but does when you only have 29 feet of length. the extra storage would be nice. A desk would be nice. (We are actually thinking about taking out the couch we never use to do this.)
  • A four instead of a three season RV for the extra insulation. At one point this winter we were basically trapped in our spot by a huge snowdrift that blew in and then froze solid for almost two weeks. Our space heater got quite the workout. Four season RVs are substantially more expensive though, we might experiment with vinyl skirting this winter.
  • A different toilet. Not that that was an option at purchase and I can change this now if it was an overwhelming burning desire. I’d just rather a composting toilet or Separett to the trouble of a black water tank.

Just these three things though.At the end of the day though, we still love it and many of the initially concerned have not really be an issue at all. The smallness? We love.

So much in fact that as we begin the process of designing our own more permanent intentional space we still want to stay tiny because of the closeness it has fostered in our family.