We have fresh, grey, and black water tanks. If that means nothing to you, fresh is what comes out the tap, grey is what goes down the drain, and black is what goes down the toilet.

We use none of them while we are in our home spot, not because they are flawed, they work just fine, but because it is a total hassle to hitch the rig to the truck just to fill or empty them. Not to mention the costs to dump them.

well waterWe can’t go without water of course, so our setup is just a little more “old fashioned” than most. We have a well available to us so we use that to keep a bucket and drinking water tank full inside at all times. I also have several of those big water tanks you use in office coolers as backups.

So dishes? We boil a pot of water on the stove and have a collapsible water tub in the sink to wash them in. Washing up and brushing teeth? We have a tub in the bathroom and cups for that too. We dump that grey water outside where it is perfectly fine for the earth.

Bathroom though? Well I’m not one to mince words so…

We have an insert for the RV toilet to pee in. Nothing fancy. Seriously, it is just an appropriately sized deep tuperware style container with a lid, I bought a two pack at the dollar store. We dump it every morning in my neighbour’s compost pile (we rent their front acre as our home spot, they are also our best friends.)

Eeeeeeeewwww! You might be saying. Hear me out.

Urine has a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (N-P-K) ratio of 10:1:4 and, unlike chemical fertilizers, is free and abundant. Furthermore (unless you a serious infection) urine is usually sterile and thus disease transmission on the household level is very, very small. It doesn’t smell up the compost either.

We all should pee on our compost, especially if like ours your compost is rich in high carbon materials (dry grass, paper, leaves, straw etc,) but I digress. We have hand sanitizer and a washtub in the bathroom to clean up after peeing.

We do not put our poop in the compost. You CAN do it safely (look up humanure if you are interested) but we are not set up for it.

We use the bathroom just inside my neighbour’s garage for that and they have a septic tank. I want to eventually put a composting toilet in our rig (omg have you seen the incinerating ones? So cool.) but we are not there yet.

I didn’t want to leave this at poop so I left the other grey water use for last. Baths and showers.

We have a small bathtub and shower in the RV so if I really wanted I could use stove heated water and we could do an old school washtub type bath or military shower. We do neither when in our homespot.

Again we generally use the one in my friends’ spare bathroom but To Be Completely Honest we bath a lot less frequently than most Americans I’ve encountered and have been like this even when we owned a house. Once a week. Twice at most.

It is also currently summer and we are at the lake or pool several times a week. We rinse off well in the pool’s shower before and after we swim. We also all have short hair by choice which makes everything that much easier.

As a side note lake water makes your hair unbelievably soft, something I learned back when I was 14 and my grandparents well went dry so we got buckets from Lake Huron to wash my then longer hair in. 

And that’s how we do water.