On Mondays we attack the Allergen Stronghold – aka – under and in children’s bunks where the cats (one of which is an incredibly floofy long haired one in the middle of shed season right now) like to chill out.

This means:

  • Removing the kids storage bins, sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets.
  • Pulling the mattresses, mold inspection, and lint brushing them.
  • Replacing said mattresses.
  • Lifting the beds. They are on a chain lift and can both be raised to the ceiling.
  • Pulling out all the storage under them which is fortunately very well organized at this point.
  • Being in awe of how many socks get down there in a week.
  • Dusting, sweeping, washing the floor.
  • Replacing all the stuff. – Lowering and locking the bunks
  • Lint brush the sleeping bags (and blankets if we can’t wash them that day)
  • The kids putting all their stuff back how they like.
  • Checking the air purifier filters.

Start to finish 45 minutes and some really great allergy pills.

Why so much focus on this spot? Two of us are allergic to cats, and what is our companion animal of choice? Two cats of course! Who love sleeping in and under those bunks. We all agree that they are totally worth the effort though.