(A photo from earlier this evening while I was setting up for a new moon intention setting ritual.)

I have been pagan and a witch for the better part of two decades, and Asatru (a Norse pagan) for several of those years, but increasingly lately I feel called to explore more of Hekate in her ancient and modern forms. There is always more magical study to do, and study is one of my favourite aspects of the craft, so I’m excited about this current calling.

To be honest. I’m also a little nervous too. It is a little bit of stepping outside of my comfort zone, as I am a current priestess of Hel, but she also teaches that it is outside our norm where the true shaping of our path happens. I can feel Hel’s blessing with me in this new learning opportunity and I never truly leave any goddess behind, they are all honoured parts of my path.

So on this eve begins my year and a day study into Hekate, both the old and new. Let us see where this leads.