My best friend, who does social media for a large financial institution, often tells me I need to quit changing my brand, and yet every two or three years I find myself here, seeking to redefine what the heck I am trying to do with my life. Maybe my brand is just… constant change?

Not that this helps tremendously with social media and keeping track of me. In that respect I very much get her frustration with my changeable self-image, especially since she manages this domain for me. It certainly doesn’t help in the money making region of my life either, but if I am being completely honest, that is the portion of living that least interests me. It is a means to an end but not the purpose of the journey for me. (Unfortunately for my wanderlusting and yet not-letting-my-kids-be-homeless-and-shoeless soul, money is apparently pretty important.)

This discussion of brand recently came up with my spouse and children around the dinner table. You see, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and my kids want to make YouTube videos about their creations. after watching me create and my husband write for years now. Their idea was “Why don’t we make a family channel since it is hard to separate out each person’s thing as we are always working together anyhow? And if one of us ends up doing something exceptionally frequently with a dedicated fan-base we can split off a sister channel like YouTubers blah, blah, and blah have done.” (Please pretend I remember these examples my children used, they were good ones.)

So for the first time we, as a family, we talked about branding, and names, and ideas, some good, some bad, some exceptionally bad (yeah, let’s NOT call ourselves the Kinsman Klan… also cue the homeschool discussion that launched about how you have got to watch alliteration sometimes and about the KKK.) Branding is hard y’all.

Becoming Wanderers is what came from that family discussion of branding though, none of us who even remember who said it first. As usual, I am freaking enchanted with it. But also, we all are, and that is something different.

I think the source of my desire to hop from name to name is that I am madly in love ideas, of which I have more than I know what to do with. They enchant me as their flirt their way through my imagination and I want to follow the threads they leave me to see where they lead. what I am realizing over time though is that more than my ideas, I adore hearing OTHER people’s ideas and listening to them speak on their passions and what brings excitement into their lives. I love when they ask me to help them seek their own threads to follow to bring fullfillment into their lives. I especially love when these threads involve art. Ideas are to me what piles of precious gems and gold are to a dragon, beautiful things I wish to surround myself with.

Anyhow, will Becoming Wanderers stick? I don’t freaking know. I know after all this time of name changes (four business name changes and four personal name changes if I am being honest!) I am very much not one to stick with a name that feels ill-suited. I’m too much of a dragon for that. I like shedding my skin.

But I do love Becoming Wanderers in a way I have not been as enchanted with previous choices. Maybe because my children were so involved in the choosing? Maybe because we all sat in silence for a moment when it was said because we liked the words so much? Maybe because it was actually available across ALL social media for once and I’m not having to argue with someone constantly because they feel they own the related hashtag?

We will see. Which is probably not the answer my bff is looking for… but it is what I got at this point in my self-discovery.