Hail fair Moon, ruler of the night,
Guide me and mine by your silvery light.
Illuminate the path within me,
So that I may see beauty,
So that I may feel joy,
So that I may find peace,
So mote it be.

Tomorrow is the full snow moon, but I doubt I will see her as this lunar month, the snow moon, is most certainly living up to its name. Our average snow fall here in February is about 7 inches (18 cm,) but with 10 days left in the month we have received almost 20 inches (51 cm) this far. Now the forecasters are saying we can expect to receive 2 to 5 inches (5 to 13 cm) more tomorrow.

At the moment though the skies are mostly clear and it is 5°F (-15°C.) As cold as that feels though, it is beautiful outside. The extreme chill makes me appreciate the heat inside as the precious resource it is that much more.

Snow covered trees out the front door of our rv.

I admit, I love love love the snow. I even like shoveling, but the lack of light gets to me after enough grey days in a row. I’m not ready to complain about it yet though because the scorching smokey heat of August gives me way more grief. I can always pile more layers on if I’m cold but can only take so much off in the summer before being deemed indecent (and very sunburned.) I will say that the sunbreaks throughout today were a very welcome change from our one winter storm after another from the past couple weeks, and no brutal windchills to accompany the clear weather either!

How about you? If you are local how are you feeling about Spokane and Coeur d’Alene’s unseasonably snowy February? And if you live further afield what is the snow moon treating you with weather wise this year?