Colouring while I worked on lunch earlier today.

We gave the kids snow days yesterday and today, which might sound a bit odd, since we are homeschoolers, but snow days aren’t just about skipping lessons, it is about getting to experience something that doesn’t happen every day.

It certainly has been a wild first month of living in the rv. We went from an unseasonably warm early January where the grass was still growing to an icestorm, then 40mph (64kph) winds with -20°F (-29°C) windchills and snow drifts blowing against our rig, and now 10 inches of snow over the last couple days having us climbing up on ladders to make sure the roof does not weigh us down too much with additional weight. Only one of the next seven days is expected to be snow free too.

We are staying warm though! We are currently in a spot that is hooked up to the grid and can run our space heater. I could use the rv’s propane furnace but that so far the space heater is proving cheaper. It also doesn’t put as much moisture into the air as propane. We’ve only had one night that got chilly enough that our youngest climbed in our bed for warmth. The next day we bought both the kids have zero degree sleeping bags and more thermals and wool socks. Now most of the time they sleep with their bags unzipped because they are so toasty.

We are still working on establishing all of our daily habits. Homeschooling has largely fallen back into place, which honestly has been the easiest part, as we take a unit study/unschooling approach to homeschooling. I guess we are technically roadschoolers now though? Our hiking frequency has definitely increased too so that we can get out to all the great trails in our area rain or shine. The kids are still adoring the lifestyle change.

We continue to look for property but as a much slower and more intentional pace than we were when we were actively working to sell the house. My mother-in-law, who we are buying with, has summer break in just a few months, I suspect our search with intensify more then.

Myrddin’s hide and go seek choice in the snow yesterday.

Finding a work balance for myself has been a bit trickier during this transition phase, even my hobbies like knitting and spinning have fallen by the wayside in favour of crossword puzzles and reading. I am working on building up a daily sketching practice but not exactly succeeding there either. I keep starting videos but not finishing them as well. My focus is all over the place.

I removed the herbal ally tier of my patreon the other day as I don’t have the space for a bunch of brews at the moment. I have yet to decide what to replace it with. I still have divination reading options. I might just go without a $3 option for the time being.

rv cats
Obsidian and Coroner enjoying the sun.

February is an emotionally trying time for me as it holds the anniversary of the death of my first husband. I’m trying to be gentler with myself this year than others but my workaholic nature rages a bit against the monetary inactivity. Savings will not last forever it reminds me. I know!

The cats have been as adaptable as the children have been. I have harnesses and leashes to take them both out, which Obsidian wants nothing to do with. I took her out once and the moment I set her on the ground she let out a frantic meow and ran back in the rv!

Obsidian was a stray before we adopted her so I think she has a hard earned distrust of the outdoors. Something Coroner (her only surviving kitten from then and our other cat) lacks. Obsidian is determined to be a fluffy couch potato for the remainder of her days and I don’t have a problem with that. She is the perfect rv cat.

Coroner on the other hand is not quite a year old and a little more neurotic and more intensely curious. Fortunately she loves her harness and leash and looks forward to her forays outdoors as an adventurous tabby. She did eat through the wire on Ivy’s headphones on week one out of boredom, but we have since bought her some extra toys we rotate out to keep them fresh and exciting. Kitten’s y’all. Damn.

I’m trying to touch on all the questions I have gotten in the last month about this “crazy thing” we are doing but I know I am forgetting more than a few. If you have them, please ask!