So a few things have changed since I last updated here.

Initially I intended on being present in this space during the whole home move so I could keep things documented, but, well, apparently there are only so many hours in the day and almost all mine were filled by moving and then collapsing into bed each night!

As you might be able to tell from the photo at the top of this post, we have moved. Not onto our own land yet, and not into my mother-in-law’s small condo that I was worrying over in the last post, but into a tow behind rv. What a change!

Are we still looking for land? Yes, but in this tiny space of ours, parked on the front part of my best friend’s property, we have found the blessing of the rest we have needed to continue exploring what home means to us, and without the huge pressure of rushing into a new home purchase.

lgbtqiaIt is one thing to say “I want to live on a large piece of land, away from the city, and make my own way.” and quite another thing to just find ourselves magically teleported from a house in the city to that. This time in the rv has given us the pauses needed after the mad rush of selling the house to sit back and explore our options. Is 20 acres a set in stone amount? Or is 5 close to good friends a more enjoyable thought? Washington or Idaho? Maybe taking some time to travel before settling? Our options feel wide open right now which makes them both liberating and exciting to explore without the pressure we felt less than a month ago.

Is it all easy peasy fairy tales and fluffy bunnies though? Oh Hell No.

2 adults, 2 kids, 2 cats going from a 1650sqft house to a 200-something sqft rv? Talk about extreme downsizing (and we have a storage unit full of stuff that was not downsized to deal with still.) Also, homeschooling and running a business and living in this space? Still working all that out. Having no running water because I don’t want to risk bursting our pipes in the winter, not to mention walking into my friends’ house to use their bathroom so we don’t fill our blackwater tank? Yup. (Oddly not the hardest things to adapt to.) Making sure we don’t go over 30 amps and burn out our electrical? That’s a thing, a big thing for our tech loving selves.

The kids have taken it in a stride of course, it is us adults who are waffling through it (though that is not a shock to us either.) Within a week though I had gotten everyone really nice headphones so we can block each other out for some personal time if need be, and my daughter asked for a curtain up aross her bunk.

foragingSo far the rewards though have been greater. Saving a ton of money since paying on the rv and the amount my friends charge me to park here together is still HALF of what my mortgage was. Seeing our closest friends often and remembering just how wonderful it is to have them close so that we can help them and vise versa (we used to live near each other in town until they moved out here a few years ago.) Sunday night dinners where we all get together and catch up and work out the week’s schedule for carsharing. Getting out into nature often, both for our own tiny living with kids sanity and just to change up the sedentary routines we developed living in an oversized house in the city. Simplifying our diet while I learn to navigate a little kitchen. More game nights. More deep talks. More full time family togetherness.

I know this is a transition time for us, an intense one, but I think I will look back on it fondly.

For now though, I need to wrap this post since my laptop battery is getting low and I don’t want to go unplug something to be able to plug this in since I am warm and comfy in bed. Learning to figure out how to many amps something draws, I guess my highschool physics teacher was right about me needing this knowledge some day!