Though I have posted about it a bit on social media elsewhere. I figured I should put something official up here.

We are moving.

I put my house on the market in November and within three days had an offer that I accepted. Closing is in late January. So the race is on to find a new place… which is proving trickier than I initially expected.

We want acreage more than anything else, and while I don’t mind a rough house that we have to fix up lenders tend to get their panties in a bit of a bunch over square footage (I don’t mind homes under 640sqft, they do) and what I consider cosmetic flaws (I don’t mind missing or damaged areas of drywall, they do,) so we are still looking.

Faith is an interesting thing at times. I can feel my goddesses reach out to me to let me know things will be alright, but the closer the January closing date draws the more anxiety creeps in.

I want to find land we love, not settle like I did with my current house though. Don’t get my wrong, this house has served us fine for 6 years, but it isn’t what this soul craves. It isn’t what I feel my children need to grow as stewards of the land. It isn’t right for us.

So we will continue to look, perhaps past closing when we are crashed on the living room floor of my mother-in-law’s condo (we are in this together, she will move onto the land with us.) The land will come when it is ready, but dang if the waiting isn’t a trial all of it’s own though.