I think the late August garden is the garden in it’s most feral form, and we need our feral side.

Our garden is bit neglected, aside from early morning and late evening municipality supplied water, She now runs rampant with my previous careful planting and caging having long given way to my avoidance of summer heat and smoke. Now it is She Who Will Not Be Controlled who is in charge now.

squashAnd this garden, left to Her own devices, that has thrived in Her newfound wildness, pumpkin vines through my yarrow and across the driveway, cucumbers tangled into the long bolted arugula, unpruned heirloom tomatoes leaning heavy with fruit far into my herbs. “Is that peppermint in the middle of your oregano?” Oh probably. “And the weird shrubby things by the kale?” Volunteer kolhrabi I think? I’m just letting them do their thing as there is a wasp gathering nearby that I’m disinclined to trifle with until winter.

We need our feral side.

Early in Her feralness, which my autocorrect desperately wants to change to realness (not far from the truth mind you) were the whisperings of fall. They have now grown into the sound of distant thunder, and then rain. Rain!

Rain all night long as if it were a new lover begging to explore this garden. Rain giving to the wildness in a way controlled and scheduled waterings cannot. Washing Her leaves clean of the soot and dust and quenching the drought stricken trees in a way no manmade control can. I think it has inspired the butternut squash to start blushing ever so slightly orange, and the purple bush beans I planted later than I intended to just now flower.

Sometimes the garden’s feralness frustrates me. I am a creature of order, dictated by more than half of my natal chart dwelling in Capricorn and the rest of me in hereditary stubborness. I see the looks passerbys sometimes give my unruly yard and the pressure to conform is there and so real, but I know, I trust, that if I give in to this wildness, She will give back with a bounty ten times that brought on by any control.

We all need our feral side.