I have adored the idea of the Little Free Library ever since I first laid eyes on one, and the desire to have our own only grew when a friend installed one in her yard across town. We have a couple of rogue libraries somewhat near our home yes, but neither are very well maintained even if I stage a bit of a takeover on them from time to time. I know it can be a struggle. Thefts happen and frustrate, vandalism too, and time gets away from us, but my spouse and I have an advantage on the little free library curator front, we work from home! My studio window even faces my front yard where we would put one.

little free library booksOr should I say will put one, this coming week in fact! A couple months ago I applied for an Impact Library which is a Little Free Library program that “places book-sharing boxes where they can be a catalyst for improving reading motivation and deepening community connectedness.” Basically you apply for a low cost or free impact library and write an essay on why one would be excellent for your neighbourhood, and then you go through an approval process and if you are chosen, you receive a library in the mail. My essay included details about the demographics of our neighbourhood, our proximity to an elementary school, why we would be good curators, and a few other details.

We just received our library and a few starter books yesterday. We already have the posthole dug and will be installing the post over the weekend and hanging a sign announcing our grand opening on Friday July 13th (next Friday as I write this) from it. Over the next few days I need to paint the library and then it will go up Friday morning and be filled.

Why Friday the 13th? Well, if you read my blog and know my business you are aware of the depths of my Halloween loving heart, and if you came upon this post by chance, well, now you know! So of course our library is going to be spooky themed.

If you are interested in following along on our Little Free Library progress, I have a “Spooky Spokane Little Free Library” page set up over on Instagram and Facebook. I hope to see you drop by and leave a book and take a book some day!