(pronunciation: rye-thou / transliteration: r)

The rune Raido is usually translated as ride or journey and this idea is echoed in both the Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon rune poems where it is represented.

raidoOld Icelandic rune poem:
Riding is of sitting a blessing
and swift journey
and horses toiling

And then Anglo-Saxon rune poem:
Riding seems easy to every warrior while he is indoors
and very courageous to him who traverses the high-roads
on the back of a stout horse.

Esoterically speaking, Raido deals with themes of travel, movement, journeying, progress, pilgrimage, taking control, ørlög and wyrd, adventure, and quests.

As for my interpretation of this rune, I see it as firmly hitched to the concept of fate and destiny. In Norse mythology it is the three Norns, Urðr (what once was), Verðandi (what is coming into being,) and Skuld (what shall be,) who carve our destiny into the wood of Yggdrasil. It is, of course, a little more complicated than this as fate is not an unmovable object in Norse mythology, only certain aspects of it are. So more precisely, it is the Norns who dictate our ørlög, which is the unchangeable aspects of who we are, things like our birthplace, our ancestry, and very DNA. Our ørlög in turn dictates a significant portion of our wyrd*, which is what the Norns weave with us, our wyrd is the path our lives can take based on our actions and inactions.

raidoThis network of connections and choices we make impact our journey through life, which brings us back to the travelling of Raido, it is the ride through the most personal parts of inner journey. Though most people go through life unconscious of the interconnected patterns around them, when we learn to recognize how one thread in the web of Wyrd connects to another we can use this to help guide our way through challenging times and keep the whole thing from being a tangled mess.

Raido is focused movement. If we think of what is needed to ride a horse, it can be as simple as jumping on and holding on for dear life, but with patience and little bit of time and practice, the ride will go a heck of a lot smoother with some ability on your part to guide the way.

When used to create bindrunes, Raido can be used to create a powerful talisman for both physical and inward travel. It can bring a keen awareness to a circumstance, highlighting hidden dangers along the way.

*On a linguistic note, “wyrd” is the ancestor of the English word “weird”, and though none of the original meaning has persisted into the modern definition, I still think it is interesting. So if you win Jeopardy because of this some day, share the wealth okay?