People often ask me for prints of certain drawings, paintings, or designs of mine.The truth is settling on and selling prints can be a bit of a challenge. Rarely the people who say “I would buy this as a print!” come back and do so, not to mention the upfront cost of the printing. This is why many of my paintings never make it to prints.

That all said, two of of my most loved paintings are now available as 5×7-inch cards. They were locally printed right here in Spokane using environmentally friendly inks. The inside is blank, ready for as many, or as few, words as you wish! (Or frame it for your altar space.)

This god and goddess pair came to me one morning as I was out seeing what was ripening and blooming in our garden (and, let’s be honest, also scoping for five-spotted hawk moth caterpillars on my tomatoes.) While I was looking at the pea tendrils curling up their stick trellises the shapes they created reminded me of little gods and goddesses blessing the space. I spent the next several days working on these designs, and finishing them with a mix of watercolours and inks. The originals rest on the small altar in my workspace, and I hope the design will bring you as much inspiration as they bring me.

You can by the god and goddess now in the Dead When We Met etsy shop!