The Serpent stirs as energies shifts here in the north from barrenness of Winter. The land begins to rouse itself from dreams beneath the mantle of ice and snow, readying itself to wake. The buds on trees are ever so slowly fattening, and the sap starting its journey up the trees. For the attuned, this subtle change can be felt as the Earth Serpent sheds her skin in preparation for the birth and renewal that is to come. This is the season of purification. The season of gathering momentum. The wheel turns, and in the predawn light the breath of Spring is just barely there, a yearning on the horizon.

It is in from this well of energy that the Blessings of the Serpent collection was born and shaped. Each piece being a unique facet that I see in the face of this season. All now available in our etsy shop!

Freyja's Light Hatchling
Amethyst Sun Voyager